I'm ready to be productive again.
Cylon toaster

I'm really excited to get back to work on my animations, comics and other art projects.
My mind is swirling with ideas.


Surveys for $$?
Cylon toaster
A little over a year ago, before my wife and I moved into our current apartment I called Verizon to inform them I would be switching to a new location. I told them whatever it is I needed to tell them, and then they asked me to take a brief survey, which they assured me I would receive a prepaid gift card afterwards.
I took the survey, forgot about it, and about three months later I received it in the mail.
Ever since then I've wanted to do more, but have never got around to it. I think it's about time I started looking for more.

Another rant about customers.
Cylon toaster
Do you know what I hate most about being right a lot of the time? Is that I'm usually right about the things that pisses me off. 
These fucking customers....these parasites and jackals. 
My co worker stayed until quarter after 8 to help me clean up the deli a bit. 
Which in some cases is good because at night we sometimes get an 8 O'clock rush. But tonight....i knew they were going to be late.  I knew that shortly after my co worker left for the night that they would come strolling in once I was all alone. 
And you know what? They did. 
They did exactly what I knew they were going to do, and I'm sure they did it on purpose. 
And the worst thing was I couldn't do a thing about it. 
I'm not aloud to tell these bugs how predictable they are, and I knew what they were planning. 
I just have to swallow my anger and put up with it. 
8 O'clock rush.....which was a half hour late. Who waited just long enough until I was alone. I hate them sometimes. I really do. 
And I know what people might be thinking. 'It's not there fault; they're not out to get you. They just want to shop.'
And you're  right. They're not out to get me; I understand that. 
But if a bunch of you are out shopping past 8pm, and you all decide to gang up on a single, solitary deliguy, there's some thing wrong with you. 

My MP Rodimus Prime just broke….FOR NO REASON!!!!
Cylon toaster

I'm a toy collector, and I focus mainly on Transformers.
One line which I particularly enjoy are the Masterpiece figures. Modernized versions of G1 Transformers, and one of my most prized was MP Rodimus Prime.
So on Friday night, before I went to bed, the spring joint which holds the ratchet together for the Takara version of Masterpiece Rodimus Primes right shoulder just snapped off as I was fiddling with the figure, and I am so mad at the moment.
I’ve had that figure in storage for months, and the first time I take it out in a long while, it just effortlessly broke, with no heavy pressure applied…
Even if I got my hands on a replacement part, I’m not even certain I could fix it.
Why was this peice made out of plastic? It should have been metal.
What a freakin waste….now I’m just in a sour mood…

I was planning on doing a photoshoot of Rodimus too for my toy blog. Now I’ll have to Make an unfavorable blog about him.
I think what I might chance, is just contact Hasbro, or Takara, and see if I can order a spare part. I’m not buying a brand new Rodimus.
I’ve gotten spare parts before from toy companies, we’ll see what happens.

I just had a brilliant idea. Why can’t 3rd parties manufacture replacement parts for broken TFs? There has to be a market for that sort of thing. (I say 3rd parties, bc I doubt we could expect that from Hasbro).

 photo RodimusPrime-MP-broken1_zps73d5f358.jpg
 photo RodimusPrime-MP-broken2_zps7d6a5131.jpg

Nintendo should manufacture Super Smash Bros action figures.
Cylon toaster

Being both a toy collector and a gamer, I’m usually pretty happy when I see toys based on video games. If I like the game, and I think the figures are worth buying, I’ll pick some of them up.

But what I would like to know is; why hasn’t Nintendo produced a Super Smash Bros toy line?

To me this is a no brainer. Not only would fans get to collect some of there favorite video game characters in toy form, but under the Smash Bros logo they could be released all in one line.

I think that would be perfect.

Been on a creative streak these days.
Cylon toaster
So for about 4 days in a row, I have been on an artistic creative streak.
I've been working on my 2d art, my 3d art, I've been making time for cleaning around the apt, and some time to work out as well.
However, I owe a lot of this to the fact my part time job (Acme) has reduced my hrs somewhat, but I'm still feeling productive. Much more productive than being jailed away at the Acme.

OMG i hate drive through NYC!!!!
Cylon toaster

This is what driving is like while traveling through Manhattan Island...
Driving, driving, driving, then CLUSTERFUCK of traffic...then, like magic traffic clears up.
Then after a half mile of smooth driving then CLUSTERFUCK of traffic!!!!!
Once again, smooth driving for no reason, and the cycle repeats over and over again.
It doesn't normally take 45 minutes to drive 10miles!!!
New York City, you're doing it wrong!!!!!
Either get your shit together or sink into the ocean!!!!
Okay, back to the party.

The next Gen gaming consoles....looks like I'll be passing on all of them.
Cylon toaster
So, for starters; my current Video game consoles:

Nintendo: NES, Super NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy DS, Wii
Sony: Playstation (x2), PS2
Xbox: Xbox 360

I was mostly a Nintendo kid, but I'm not too interested in the Wii U. Why? I finally bought a Wii last year for my birthday, and to my horror I discovered I was unable to copy some of my game data off of my ex room mates Wii, thus having to start some of the games (Like Smash Bros Brawl) over again on my console. Not bright of you Nintendo; you lose points for that.
I have no idea if the Wii U has the same flaws. Plus I still play Gamecube games, and the Wii is backwards compatible. I don't know if the Wii U is.

I never bought a PS3, it never had any games which appealed to me. Plus any games which did appeal to me was already on the Xbox 360.

PS4: Not sure if I want that yet. I might wait a year or two, and see what games come out.

Xbox One: Fuck you Microsoft. Online play only, and you have to check in every 24hrs or else you'll get locked out? You can't lend your friends your games which you paid with your own $$? Fuck you? I am not buying an Xbox One unless you fix those serious flaws.

A few quick nerd rants about the Transformers movies
Cylon toaster
I'm a bit of a Transformers fan, except when it comes to the live action movies directed by Michael Bay. I'm a bit of a critic when it comes to them.
But I wanted to post a few thoughts I had on the movies, for anyone who have seen them, you might be able to follow along.

When compared to other Transformers series, the movie Transformers don't seem to have the longevity, or the endurance of the others.
I mean think about it; in the movies how easy it is for Transformers to get killed in a fight?
When the war first broke out; how did it not last an hour until the species drove itself to extinction?
With Sentinals rust cannon alone he could have taken out half an army.
How did this war last thousands of years?
I'm surprised Optimus can take the beating he can, all of the other robots drop with the slightest damage.
So my question is, how did this war last so long? How can the Transformers live thousands of years, but only have 30 second battles?

So before I start on this one, let me address this point, which I know someone is going to bring up, and it will be a valid argument.

In the G1 cartoons Optimus Prime rose to power 9 million years ago, and 4 million years ago Optimus and crew crashed on Earth, leaving both Optimus and Megatron out of the war for a little less than half of the entire war. Give or take.

In the movieverse the war took place over thousands of years; not millions.
Revenge of the Fallen made that clear, when the Fallen fell (no pun intended) from power that was about 17,000 years ago, give or take.

Megatron was lost in the ice about 10,000 years ago, give or take.
So that's a 7,000 year gap from when the Fallen fell (no pun intended) into obscurity, and the war officially started.
I'm going to guess, since I don't really know; let's say 5,000 years after the Fallen.

So maybe the Cybertronian war raged on for about 2,000, and then Megatron disappeared after the Allspark.
So that means Megatron has been missing from the entire war for about 95% of it.
Megatron is more a historical footnote than he was a leader, (And let's not get into how shafted the poor guy was during the actual movies).

Even though 7,000 years is forever for us, that seems awful condensed for Transformers.

Okay, good night.

Rant about how Apple fails at everything!!!!
Cylon toaster

I'm having some very bad issues with my ipod touch.

Last night I needed to charge my iphone, so I plugged it into my laptop for a little while.

I normally don't do that, but my regular charger was not available to me.

I never told it to sync with my laptop, and I think it must have, because today when I plugged my ipod touch into my laptop it was no long accepting the touch.

And god forbid itunes accepts my iphone AND my ipod. I don't waste my iphone battery power playing music, so I need my ipod to take care of my musical needs.

So I have to go through the inconvenience of resetting my ipod. I have attempted to reset my ipod EIGHT TIMES, and each time itunes freezes, or cannot complete the reset.

I get error 14, and the troubleshooting page has been of no help.

I really like the ipod, it's always been a handy device, but I am sick and tired of this. If my ipod and iphone cannot coexist peacefully on the same computer, then the iphone must go.

By the time I need to get a new cell phone, it will not be with Apple.
Little by little Apple is convincing me that they suck.


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